Well we are now 24 weeks 4 days and couldn’t be more excited about how quickly the pregnancy is progressing!

We had our monthly OB appointment this morning and did the glucose tolerance test. The orange flavored drink was less than yummy but I did choke it down within 3 minutes. The baby perked up within 5 minutes of that and was pretty crazy for about a 1/2 hour. The doctor said he’d know the results tomorrow and let me know either way the findings. I’m assuming all is well with my blood sugar because I’ve really felt fine.

We got to see our little guy today too and he is breech, which explains the kicks lower in my belly! The doctor said he still has plenty of time to turn around but we will need to re-evaluate in about 8 weeks what the situation is based on if he turns.

The baby is measuring right on track still…and so am I! Haha. The doctor said he thinks we are going to have a big baby, though…which is a good thing, I’d say!! Tim was a big baby for being a twin (6 lb 9 oz) and I was well over 8 lbs, so I’m guessing we are in for a big boy! The heartbeat was 138-140 which is very good too! It’s exciting to think that at our next appointment in October we will be in our third trimester!!

We are really enjoying the change in the weather. I’m happy that it’s less humid and Tim just LOVES fall so he is equally as happy. We are looking forward to these next few months and then meeting the baby around Christmas!!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend! And Tim says hi!

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