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The Beginning

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The following is basically a smorgasbord of our early days of 2012.  It didn’t seem like we had much downtime, but I’m also not exactly sure what we did…anyone ever feel like that?  No…just me maybe?

The Shedd

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We took Cohen to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago on New Year’s Eve.  It was his first trip, and while Tim and I had been there in the past, it had been years – like 8 or 9 – to be exact.  So it was like new to us, as well.  We thought it’d be a fun way to get out of town on New Year’s while still living the family lifestyle!  It was a great time.  We got to …


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I was so happy to stumble across these for $2 at Walmart today! These pretty pink tulips complemented by my cheery green vase are just what was needed to liven it up around here. February has never been my favorite month. I’m over winter and still far enough away from spring. I can’t wait to get out my springy candles and get some more sunniness around here!! It’s the small things sometimes!! 🙂 I asked Cohen what he thought of …

Future Olympian

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Yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  It was also Cohen’s first day of gymnastics.  It was difficult to get a whole lot of pictures and videos because I had to supervise, but I was able to snag a few. The class is essentially open gym with the the direction of an instructor.  They started the 40 minute class with a little warm up.  Basically they stand in a circle and follow along with a sing a long song.  Cohen just ran wild …

Cohen, Cohen, Cohen

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For our Christmas cards, we planned on using a family picture that my cousin at Photographie 51 took, however, during an impromptu photo shoot with Cohen one night, we found the greatest picture to use! We also got some other great shots of him, and it was a lot of fun.  I think it’s nice when it happens more organically, instead of the pressure of posed photos when you NEED them to work.  🙂 This was definitely the case here! …