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Christmas Craft-mas

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As I said previously, I have been making some Christmas crafts as of late.  It’s really helped spruce up our decor and has certainly helped me get in the Christmas spirit. I thought I’d share how I made a few of my new decorations/accessories. The first is a few new ornaments I crafted! For this, you’ll need clear glass ornaments (or you could even use colored ornaments you already have if you prefer to have the color show through!), mosaic …

Jingle Bells

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We hope you’re having a happy and cozy Saturday morning. We definitely are!

Aint nothin’ but a “C” thing baby!

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Cohen and I were so busy today running errands all over the place.  But first, we had a nutritious lunch.  And if there’s one thing the boy likes it’s his “cookies” which are just Nilla Wafers – and he’s gets 2-4 at the end of his meals…and then he looks like this!    

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on spreading the holiday cheer around our house!  I love when our house is decorated for Christmas – I think it’s the coziest time of year at Casa de Seidler and I look forward to it all year long!  This year felt very reminiscent of last…I really wanted to get the holiday decorations up in time for Thanksgiving.  Yeah, I know that the Pilgrims should have their time and all, but what …