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Newborn Check Up

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Cohen had his newborn wellness check yesterday at Dr. Best’s office in Marseilles and it went surprisingly well.  I (Madison) was pretty concerned as I know babies tend to cry when they are naked in a cold doctor’s office being poked and prodded…not our son, though, he was a champ!  He currently weighs in at 7 lbs 6 oz and is still 19 inches long with a head circumference of 35 cm.  Being a fan of his changing table at …

2 Weeks Old!

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The last two weeks have flown by! I can’t believe Cohen is already two weeks old. He has already grown and changed so much! We have been having lots of fun with him and I think we are getting the hang of parenting and figuring out what he wants when he’s fussing…which is rare. Cohen has been such a good baby – we feel so blessed. He makes it so easy for us to learn how to be parents. Cohen …

Happy Birthday Daddy!

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I’m sure Tim will agree that as he celebrates his 28th birthday today from our hospital room that he’s received the best gift of all! That being said, happy birthday daddy!! We love you!! Mommy, Cohen … And Moe!

Happy Birthday Cohen!

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Well…he’s finally here!! I woke up Tuesday morning at about 4am with some pretty strong contractions. After 20 mins of tossing and turning I decided I’d move out to the couch and try to hang out there, watch some TV and hopefully fall back asleep…the baby, however, had other plans. About 6:30 the contractions started picking up intensity and I moved to the exercise ball hoping for a little release. I stood up at 7 to go make coffee for …

Video Tour of the Nursery

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Here’s a 360 degree tour of the completed nursery.  Nevermind my open suitcase in the corner, or Tim’s shaky hand.  We’re having fun with Tim’s new IPhone that his parents got him for his birthday and so be prepared for all sorts of videos and pictures now!