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Baby bump

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22 weeks 4 days

Busy Bees – 22 week Update!

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Well…we are now 22 weeks and 1 day along.  Only 17 weeks and 6 days until baby’s due date! We’ve had a super busy last few weeks, but really, what else is new.  We are pretty much constantly going right now.  It’s been nuts.  Recently, Tim has decided that after finishing up the current side jobs that he’s been working on, he is going to go on a sort of sabbatical from The Designary to be able to focus on …

It’s A…

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Well at our appointment on Thursday, we found out that we are having a…BOY! We are very excited to know now a little bit more about who is in there! There was definitely no doubt in the tech’s eyes that he was for sure a boy! It was cool to be able to see him in there and he has gotten much larger than the previous u/s we’ve had. He was sucking his thumb, and even had the hiccups. He …