2 Weeks Old!

The last two weeks have flown by! I can’t believe Cohen is already two weeks old. He has already grown and changed so much! We have been having lots of fun with him and I think we are getting the hang of parenting and figuring out what he wants when he’s fussing…which is rare. Cohen has been such a good baby – we feel so blessed. He makes it so easy for us to learn how to be parents. Cohen sleeps about 5 hours at a stretch at night and that has been great. The last few days he’s seemed to get his days and nights confused a little bit. When he wakes up to eat he wants to have some awake time…and mommy wants sleep! Moe has done particularly well with Cohen being at home. He has had no issues with jealousy or anything; in fact, when visitors come to the door he immediately runs to where Cohen is and stands by his side. It’s really cute to see him protecting his brother.

We had a great first Christmas together as a family. It was so nice to have Cohen here to celebrate with us and I think everyone would agree that he made this Christmas even more special. We had a very busy first two weeks but it’s been awesome to have all the support we have had. It was especially great because Cohen has been able to meet both sets of grandparents, as Tim’s parents were in town last week when we got home from the hospital. It was nice that everyone has had a chance to bond with him so early!

Tim has been back at work now for the last week so it’s just been me and Cohen at home. We miss having Daddy here…his time at home with us went way too fast, but we look forward to the evening when he gets home. Tomorrow we will have Cohen’s first doctor’s appointment. My mom is going with us to the appointment because Tim has to work. I’m really looking forward to seeing how much he weighs now because looking at him, he definitely seems bigger and he sure does have a healthy appetite! I’ll make sure to update after we get back. Here are some pictures from our time at home so far!! We sure do think he’s pretty cute!! Thanks for checking in and we hope that everyone has a safe and happy New Year!

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