16 week visit

Yesterday we met with the doctor to check the babies progress. We went half expecting to leave with a good idea of the gender, however it is just too soon to tell. We’ll have to wait another 3 weeks before the big reveal.

While there Madison had her blood drawn so that they could do a quad screen which tests for problems in the development of the fetus’s brain and spinal cord as well as genetic disorders such as Down syndrome. We’ve already heard back today that the test came back negative and the baby is completely healthy. Although we never anticipated any health issues it is sure a relief to hear that they haven’t found any.

In other news, we’re starting to get serious about taking regular pictures of Madison’s stomach profile to document her growth and to make something cool with the pictures down the line. We plan on getting one of those belly casts at some point as well to have a lasting outline of her bulging stomach.

That’s all.

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